Quality always beats quantity.

Our ethos is never changing.

When Alexander Lyons Solutions opened in 2011, it was with the aim of solving problems, specialising in the right areas and focusing on the future. Furthermore, bettering the lives of those who work for and with us, including employers and candidates. Since then, nothing has changed; we’re committed to giving and receiving the best. When it comes to the people we work with, we’re not going to compromise.


We know what employers need.

As an employer looking to add to your team, you need a globally present recruitment firm with an up-close and personal approach to things.

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We understand you.

You want to stay connected to a recruitment firm that understands your company and can bring you the best team members. You don’t want to be wasting your time on a bunch of CVs that don’t interest you at all – you want to know that every person we send across will be a serious candidate. We can promise you right now, they will be.


Get it right.

We know as well as you do: the best impression is the first one. If we’re going to be working with you, we’re going to more than earn our keep. You will get the candidates you’re looking for – the right ones, who are perfectly matched to your company.

Whatever your needs.

Permanent Roles

Time to call in the experts. We’re honest, we’re fair, we’ll cut to the chase, so you don’t have to. And after all that, we’ll get you the right people for your business.

Temporary Roles

Looking for someone to fill a gap, take on a short-term role, consult while you’re going through an expansion? Whatever it is, from starter to top-level and everywhere in between, we can help.

Fixed-Term Contracts

Three months, six months, a year? You want someone ready to sink their teeth into their new role. We’ll find you the right one.

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