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ALS are experts across all areas of private practice, and in-house, and we’re market leaders in consultancy-based legal recruitment. We believe in making things simple: we’ve got your bases covered. Find out more below.

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The only thing traditional about our team is the area of specialism.

We pride ourselves on our “traditional legal” offering. For everyone and everything in the private practice/in-house legal world, there’s one name you need to know (you might have guessed it by now). With market knowledge that’s second to none, whether you’re a candidate, an employer, or you’re thinking about options for the future, we’ve got you covered.

Traditional legal covers NQ to Partner level, lateral hiring or speculative, market-mapping to detailed specialist searches. A career’s worth of lateral hiring and moves, all at your fingertips.

Born and raised on legal consultancy recruitment

We did the reverse of the norm (when aren’t we doing that?) by breaking into the traditional legal market 11 years ago when it was largely unheard of.

People still ask us: “Isn’t legal consultancy an interim gig?” And we respond: “No, but we do get asked that a lot.”

The traditional model isn’t for everyone. Consultancy is the practice by which experienced solicitors and legal executives can get a hell of a lot more out of their working lives. Under the umbrella of a consultancy firm, you have the freedom to take on however much work you want, the ability to set your own salary by taking a percentage of your billing, and the chance to break free of traditional working schedules and environments.

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By 2026, it’s estimated that 1/3 of legal professionals in the UK will be consultants. Why wait until everyone’s jumped on the bandwagon to hitch a ride?


Switch your hiring process to 'easy'.

Why play the game on ‘difficult’ when there’s no need to? We can have you welcoming your new hires without breaking a sweat. Hand it over, we’ve got it covered.

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Put your feet up.
We've got you.

Our experts will help you identify the right roles, tailored to your individual requirements. This isn’t a “traditional” firm – it’s one made with you in mind.

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