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Whatever ‘IT’ is, ALS have it. Our long-established relationships with leading businesses across the globe allow us to work closely to ensure we find the best quality telecom, media and tech talent.

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Three in one.

The TMT market is one of the most exciting, most sought after areas to specialise in the modern world. You wouldn’t have found us without it, and we wouldn’t be working remotely without it (safe to say, we’re fans of the people who keep the industry turning).

We could give you a spreadsheet of job titles.

But we’re not going to. See, the thing is, our TMT team works across the board: from entry-level to HOD; from research to rollout. If we gave you a list of every company we worked with and every role we focused on, you’d be here for hours and there’s the whole day gone!

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Our in-depth knowledge and experience within the telecom, media and tech sectors mean we offer a tailored service to support each individual searching for their next career opportunity.

It’s personal.

Our TMT team has a personal interest in the area – they’re all ahead of the curve, keeping their ears to the ground and their fingers on the pulse of the market. Some have come to us from years (and years and years) in tech recruitment, some made the switch a few years ago from IT-based roles themselves.


Switch your hiring process to 'easy'.

Why play the game on ‘difficult’ when there’s no need to? We can have you welcoming your new hires without breaking a sweat. Hand it over, we’ve got it covered.

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Put your feet up.
We've got you.

Connect with one of our recruitment experts for a dedicated service helping you identify opportunities suited to you.

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Whether you’re looking for your next opportunity or looking to recruit top-quality talent, contact our expert telecom, media and tech consultants today.

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